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Dereliction, drabness and danger in Redcar

Dereliction, drabness and danger in Redcar

3,2,1 and awake.

We've been shouting about Redcar for some time but are we listened to?

Redcar demands change. The internal shuffling within the council are a direct attack on inadequate living conditions, poor structural standards, dangerous environments and a strangulated retail economy, apparent in part, for decades. Policies that weaken councillors need revising. Recommendations need reviewing. Democracy must prevail and the residents must be listened to. Times are changing. Check below our updated wishlist. 

A combined offering by Friends of Redcar,  Zetland Pride,  Redcar Blog, and RedcarLoveitorHateit on behalf of our friends - You.  Keep shouting and ask 

-  Are you listening yet?

Paint flakes along the top of the Edwardian shop-fronts. Walls are left unpointed and windows uncleaned. There are upwards of thirty empty units in key spots around Redcar High Street. A virtual shop is unkempt and splattered with paint with an ironic "this is uplifting our town" message.The loved seaside seafront that has seen a £30 million regeneration has little in the way of window dressing to hide the empty units and disjointed theme.

Fencing does not shield us from the demolition and dereliction sites. Redcar's Cliffe garage site has been a derelict site for eight years. If FRED hadn't complained it would still be strewn with mattresses and rubbish.  A small example of the standards the popular seaside town until the 1980's, Redcar has succumbed to. 

RCBC hide behind Planning Legislation to excuse themselves from bringing uncaring landowners and landlords to task. They will not drive change for us. The community and business sector must demand it if we want to bring back tourism and trade and if we want to see new bespoke businesses settle and thrive.

Imagine retail businesses and residents in Redcar with a single determined voice demanding change. Surely that's worth a try? It is no coincidence that the community and business sector in Saltburn get things done. They collectively work so much better together. Same council producing different results because they have direction.

Long panoramic shots of Redcar look great but not dealing with these issues means inviting in visitors to look at the truth. How much overnight tourism does Redcar get? Denial is not a solution.

Here are 30 examples that we feel have an effect on the environment, access of use, tourism, trade and the quality of life: 

1. Coast and Country housing left masonry, glass and cables around Wykeham Close when they hastily pulled down their vandalised compound of four years, following FREDs complaint. They excuse themselves by claiming they'll be building on it. Lets hope no one gets hurt in the meantime. RCBC should demand it is cleaned up on your behalf.

2. Cliffe garage site since 2006 has had fly tipping, masonry and rats. Many complaints over that time FREDs complaint was made May 2014 - we continue.

3. Level Crossing is often broken and is strangling the economy in the town.

4. Boring blank brown walls on the main route into town

5. The back of the cinema has always been drab - FRED wants to create a mural through a secondary school art competition. FRED have been applying for funding. (Plus examples.)

6. This side wall requires pointing and painting and is opposite the Beacon in a prime spot. Who cares? Maybe tourism trade?

7. RKade's sea facing builders yard and exterior has been complained about. Panelled boards could be utilised here with beach huts or similar painted to mask this eyesore.

8. Supabuy is an example of official complaints made about occupied shop frontages.

9. Uptons virtual shop, splattered with paint ironic "this is uplifting our town" message - example of official complaint made about derelict shop frontages.

10. Empty derelict unattractive space fenced off since at least 2010 on esplanade.

11. Broken masonry and glass on the artificially made Coatham Dunes and kids playing with the rubble there and others barefooted.

12. Two unofficial landfill sites on beach still to be completely resolved (here is Zetland)

13. Wetheralls boarded site plus graffiti has been in place for some time now.

14. The penguins were cleaned up following the paint attack but are still awaiting a repaint

15. Coatham Park fence needs replacing and the park needs to become a more managed attractive 'natural' area. This is the gateway into Redcar!

16. The site of the old swimming pool was never cleared of masonry 20 years ago. It's bowl shape could be developed as an outdoor skateboard area and is located next to RKade

17. Boating lake has been rundown but is currently being transformed by new owners. Fingers crossed this one is close to being resolved.

18. Coatham Bowl hoardings could have mural paintings but require planning.

19. Coatham Bowl site is unlikely to be developed for sometime - if ever. So could be utilised as a car park, open air concert site, exhibition site, temporary caravan park for sporting events.

20. There are no clear road signs or floral welcoming displays into Redcar. Here's an example

21. Vandalised bridge and sign on Coatham Marshes

22.Sacred Heart field has been sealed off for 8 years because of Diocese. 

23. Unkempt land at end of Yew Tree Avenue also owned by Diocese.

24. Lord street, at the rear of Ladbrokes, this is currently used as a general rubbish dumping area, in addition there are electrical mains wires protruding from the ground

25. There is what appears to be an abandoned house near Park Avenue, the grounds are unsecured, leaving it open to arson & squatters 

26. Same can be said on the corner next to the Cricket Field in Coatham

27. In addition to these is waste ground near Charles St, under the Railway bridge, this could be used for residents storage (metal storage sheds)? Better ideas are invited for this.

28. Muriel St, waste land, could be developed as a play park for children, slide, swings, roundabout climbing frame.

29. Mural on the approaching wall

30. Empty Retail Units - ongoing 

All this doesn't even consider the highway, parking and residential areas with inadequate living conditions...

...Need some good news? Here's a cuddle for you.

RESOLVED - Cinema store door was missing for two years encouraging ASB and arson - FRED successfully applied for the licence and have had the door put back on. We're looking to recycle community paint and use for it storage.

And we got busy sorting the beach out

And some of our parks

FRED are making a dent and we've been instrumental in a number of other issues. There are other groups like Zetland Pride working hard to improve the Coatham alleys, many community groups working the parks and woodlands. A new park and maze being developed in Kirkleatham Museum Grounds and of course the Regent Cinema received a facelift thanks to the Regent Trust.

However, we need you with us. We need businesses collectively shouting out about why the town fails. Our actions together with the community and businesses can help us to pick off one issue at a time. Please join us. Here is a link to your new start - Go for it and be heard. Thank you