Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Environment Agency back in Redcar and true to their word

Dear Friends,

Remember pictures like this one from 2013? 

Or this from November 2014?

The latter was how much rubble was pulled from our beach in one session by the Environment Agency following months of FRED volunteers campaigning for a return. We had already cleared over 30 tonnes ourselves.

 This mess was formed after Birse (Balfour Beatty) created two unauthorised landfills on Redcar beach following the sea wall defence project either side of the commercial area.

You'll be pleased to know that FRED has never stopped stopped campaigning and a secondary return was always planned for Spring 2015. 

And the EA have been true to their commitment and came out again on Thursday morning at 9am, picking up any rubble they found on Redcar beach particular the worst area in Zetland ward.

As project manager, the EA are responsible for this removal. A service team of around 10 are arriving on Thursday morning to do yet another sweep. 

The Zetland area is notably now the worst part for this detritus on the beach so we shall be directing their and our attention there over the coming months.

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