Monday, 29 July 2013

What's with the Redcar Regent Cinema?

Natalie Williams co-founder of Friends of Redcar drew attention to concerns about the state the sea front. She recognises the same issues regarding the shelters becoming an eyesore and uninviting and that they're in need of power-washing. She also sees the same litter problem on the beach alongside the building debris left there from the recent coastal defence work. However, Natalie sees an even more obvious negative visual impact on the seafront. The Regent Cinema!

Natalie brought attention to the Regent Cinema because of her fears that it is being intentionally left to decay. "I couldn't understand why the council had spent £75 million on the sea defences and new facilities on and around the seafront but had done nothing with the cinema. It stands out like a sore thumb and requires a huge facelift."

"It's evident when looking at the exterior of the Regent that it would require a large injection of cash to transform it and an incredible amount of work. The appearance from the beach can only provide a negative view to tourist and residents alike who will take that message home with them. Along with many other Redcar residents we would like to do something to make the difference that would ensure it has a future"

Rumours are rife that a multiplex amongst other facilities are coming to Redcar at the Coatham Bowl site once the new Redcar Leisure and Community Heart centre is built thus fuelling the debate over the intention for the existing Regent Cinema.

Natalie explains "It's almost as if this building is being left in such a bad state of repair so that public support sways to pulling it down in the next few years. There is no canopy any more so the cinema can't even advertise what's being shown. It often looks derelict.  Perhaps people don't realise it's a council owned building. Why aren't they doing it up? If something isn't done we will lose yet another iconic building in Redcar. This is an original Art deco 1928 theatre and now stands uniquely as the only independent cinema on the coast in Britain. We should do whatever we can to revitalise, promote and save it before it's too late.

"Too many of these kinds of buildings have been allowed to fall into disrepair in Britain until they fall foul with the local authorities who either pull them down or sell them to businesses who rip the heart out of them. I think we should be really mindful and act before it's too late."

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