Thursday, 3 April 2014

Invitation for Friends of Redcar to inspect beach with the Environment Agency

Friends of Redcar (FRED) has been invited to meet up on the 9th April to inspect the beach again with the Environment Agency(EA) with a view to clear up this mess once and for all. 

As you know we've had an ongoing complaint about the building materials on our beach following the work carried out by Birse. The ongoing saga has been catalogue here -

Our goal is simple we want a clean beach and we would like Birse (now Balfour Beatty) to bring diggers, skips and crews to come and clear it up. 

As always we'll keep you posted. If anyone would like to join us to voice their constructive opinion please let us know and we'll give you the details. 

Below is the latest reply from the EA

Dear Carl

Further to recent correspondence the site management team is making a return visit to Redcar on Wednesday 9th April to review follow up works to the project.  We will look then to programme in the beach clearance visit shortly after.

I hope that we can meet at some time during that day, we can be flexible on time. If you could get back to me if that is convenient and keep Alan copied in.

Thanks and regards


James Mead
Project Manager
Redcar Flood Alleviation Scheme

Friends of Redcar
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