Friday, 28 November 2014

Who is FRED? You decided. And the winner is...

The "Who is FRED?" school art competition to determine a life size mascot for the Friends of Redcar (FRED) is over.  

We thank our 200+ entrants from Coatham and St. Benedict's schools for their fabulous artwork. FRED short listed entries down to the final five and left the decision to our social media friends. - ( See more at:

And you have decided.

We had hoped to have the mascot ready for Christmas but as this seems unlikely now we shall reveal the costume in May when we plan our beach sand competition and the "Kick off the Summer" event.

And now for that all important decision. So in reverse order -

5th place Ryan Miland St. Benedicts

4th place Caitlin (?) Coatham Primary

3rd place Leon Dodgson St. Benedicts

2nd place Tye Addison Coatham Primary


Congratulations to Aleesha. We shall be visiting soon with your prize and prizes for all our runners up and the participating schools. More on this soon.

We are very happy for the seahorse to be our mascot because it positively promotes our home "Redcar" and is unique to our town. 

Thank you to all who participated and voted and watch out for FRED coming to a beach near you!

Breakdown of the vote