Saturday, 13 February 2016

Fred back on the beach in February 2016

FRED started this year with a healthy 30+ volunteers braving the fresh morning which opened up into bright sunlight and sporadic showers. The intention was to meet at the Regent Cinema and work our way to the masonry at Majuba where the council workers were going to help us clear up the exposed debris following the wild winter weather.

Picking up litter and rubble on the way we only reached the boating lake as there was so much to clear. Thankfully the council got on with Majuba in any case. Next month on the 6th March we shall meet at the cinema and walk down to Majuba to continue the much needed work here and to welcome the National Citizen Service to our beach who will be covering our work and our desire to create an attractive place to live and visit. Join us and be the difference.