Thursday, 10 March 2016

Fred and NCS on the March in March 2016

This month we focused attention on the Coatham Dunes clearing away litter and masonry from on and around the area. Once again there is lots of smashed glass from the miscreants that end up here when it is quiet. There is also more masonry being revealed from the dissipation of the sand. This is something a lot more serious as you'll find in our other blogs on the subject. The dunes are adjacent to a caravan park that offers access to visiting children to play here. It's not much different to a building site though thinly covered in sand. Please sign our petition

Thanks to the great support from our friends at FRED and The National Citizen Service, here in Redcar we have got off to a great start this year. Not only did we see 50+ residents and visitors clearing the beach of litter and detritus but also we were able to draw attention back on those dangerous debris ridden, Coatham Dunes. 

Thank you to all those who took part in what was a healthy collection of volunteers of all ages. Particularly pleasing it was to see so many youth, teenagers and children taking part and learning from what is a valuable educational experience. Well done to you all and special thanks to Dave King of ImagineYouCan (NCS) for their physical support and Paul Kitchener of Peak Image Photography for the excellent images