Friday, 9 August 2013

A short film of Redcar Beach August 2013

Redcar beach in 2013 has been woeful. Not only have we lost an incredible amount of sand but we also have building debris all along the new coastal defences.

Limiting our tourism by allowing our beach to become this eyesore has a huge impact on our local economy. The depletion of sand is due to dredging on Teesmouth (See story here). In Scarborough they import sand if necessary. How can we prevent depletion?

When day trippers, visitors and holiday makers get to spend a day on Redcar beach this is what we are providing for them. This is the story they'll take home. Take notice and shout about it. There is little reason for Redcar to be so different to Scarborough. Lack of vision, promotion, marketing, events, infrastructure, investment....effort.

Below is a short video from our You Tube channel We made this to highlight some of our concerns purely about the beach and the negative visual impact it brings to tourism in our town.

Poor trade due to lack of visitors directly affects local businesses and our economy and feeds back into every home through local taxes. Sit up and help us change attitudes. There are a number of videos on our facebook page. Subscribe because we will keep updating you of our endeavours and efforts to raise awareness and our victories. For more images check our pinterest page

We will get funding to help us but need physical, practical and financial support. We need to change this.

 Join us at our inaugural meeting on the 21st August 2013