Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Friends of Redcar first Beach Action Group Aug 2013

Carl Quartermain and Natalie Williams created "Friends of Redcar" to raise awareness and to promote actions over issues that have a negative visual impact on Redcar. Today saw the birth of "Beach Action Group" as a community project to remove litter and  building debris believed to be from the development work. It is our hope to raise awareness to the building rubble as much as it is to stop littering.

The newly formed community action group hit the beach at Coatham at 8am. A modest turnout of 15 had gone to the beach with the intention of uncovering building debris left over from the coastal defences building work.

We were joined by numerous residents such as Tracy Leathard and family, Ian Elcoate of Tad Web Solutions, as well as politicians such as Ian Swales MP for Lib Dems and Anna Turley the Labour and Co-operative candidate. All stayed for 2 hours.

After two hours of work between them they had shifted 4.5 tons of brick and concrete as well as 30 bags of litter.We like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along and helped out on a wet morning and thanks also to the neighbourhood team of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council for providing gloves, bags, staff and the tractor and trailer.

The event was covered by the Evening Gazette and Coastal View newpapers, BBC Tees and Look North. More of these are going to be planned along with fresh ideas for next year to make them more interactive and fun. For more images check our pinterest page

It's our intention to contact Birse Coastal to come back and clear up the mess they left. We shall also be pushing the council to do the same. However as the work has been signed off we doubt very much that they will be back. This has opened up the question - Should local residents be involved with future building work, whether that is the demolition or construction, to ensure the work area is left how WE would want it?

Join us at our Inaugural meeting on the 16th August at 6.30pm at the Zetland Museum.