Saturday, 14 September 2013

Friends of Redcar on PalaceFM Radio

Hi all,

Just found this from the 29th August 2013. It's Carl Quartermain being interviewed by Dee Wold on PalaceFM about Friends of Redcar. Carl talks about how the idea for Friends of Redcar came about, the goals and concerns. Carl states, "I took some pictures and showed a council member who dismissively said 'Oh, you took a picture of a brick' was from that moment that Friends of Redcar was born."

Carl adds, "The name 'Friends of Redcar' was actually Natalie Williams' idea. I was busy playing with acronyms and trying to be clever, hence the'Beach Action Group' is 'B.A.G.' However that limited us to the beach and we both have numerous concerns that need to be addressed. So initially we are working the beach but we have plans all over Redcar. I think 'Friends of Redcar' was an excellent idea and one that sums us up very well. Well done Natalie"

We are keen to raise awareness of littering and are contacting Redcar schools to work with the kids and educate attitudes from an early age. We will be creating fun days out and competitions and trying hard to get residents and businesses to work together and feel proud. Imagine that - conscientiously feeling proud of where you live and your contribution towards how it looks and is perceived.

We will be lobbying the council to listen to residents and businesses about how we can shape our town and make it a better place to live. We are keen to get people on-board because the more numbers we have the more influence we have. We will be working alongside other community groups to find ways of helping each other physically and practically. That's what community is all about. That's what 'Friends' do.

Join us to see what were all about on Wednesday the 18th September at the TunedIn building Redcar.