Thursday, 12 September 2013

Redcar Flood Alleviation Scheme Complaint Part.One

Hi all, 

To keep everyone up to speed with our Beach Action Group complaint regarding building debris on the beach and our endeavour to bring the contractor (Balfour Beatty - Birse Civil) back to clear up the rubble, below is the initial email, links and photos sent to the Environmental Agency and Birse Civil. 

We have received replies from the Environmental agency (See Redcar Flood Alleviation Scheme Complaint Part Two) but sadly not a single reply from any of the Redcar officials copied into this post. 

We believe our beach is worth investment as part of a process to attract visitors and holiday makers onto the beach (in their swimming costumes!) and to change the perceptions that prevents Redcar becoming a viable holiday resort like Scarborough and Whitby. 

Enjoy and look out for the updates 

Dear Sir/Madams,

I represent a community action group in Redcar called "Friends of Redcar" (FOR) and am writing this email on behalf of our committee, residents and visitors of Redcar. 

For transparency I have copied into this post; Balfour Beatty (Birse Civil); the FOR committee; Zetland and Coatham councillors and neighbourhood teams; Ian Swales - MP for Redcar, George Dunning - Leader of Redcar and Cleveland Borough council (RCBC) and Vic Jeffries - Mayor. (*Please can you assist us by forwarding this email to any relevant department/persons and/or replying with appropriate advice, protocols and actions.)

We were advised to contact the Environment Agency due to our concerns over the amount of building debris remaining on our beach following the Redcar Flood Alleviation Scheme Spring 2012. We are hopeful that the Environment Agency can clearly steer us towards the correct course of action.

I have also sent a copy of this email to:-
Birse Civil Head Office 2200 Century Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds LS15 8ZB

We would draw your attention to the following links in support of our concern. I have also attached some photographs.

It is our belief that we have building debris all along our coastline because the beach was not cleaned up thoroughly after the coastal defence work was completed. We believe the responsibility for carrying out a thorough clean up of the beach area, all along the new coastal defences and in part further out where large pieces of rubble have been found, lies with Balfour Beatty (Birse Civil) who carried out the work, along with any inspection team who signed the work off (if indeed it has been signed off.)

We have been advised by RCBC that they are, or will be, in contact with Birse Civil (Tel: +44 (0) 113 821 3400) to get action and will keep our group informed of developments. Representatives from our group will gladly assist in highlighting and removing these unsightly and often dangerous reminders of our old defences.

We very much look forward to receiving your response and to find a way forward so that as a group we can concentrate our efforts on lifting litter off our beach and not masonry. Thank you.

Best regards,

Carl Quartermain 
Co-Founder and Chairman of Friends of Redcar on behalf of all our beach users.

If you would like to add your own comments for the Environmental Agency office in Newcastle and Balfour Beatty Birse Civil office - here are their contact details. Please do let us know how that communication goes.

Email: Gemma Alecks Customers and Engagement Officer
Mr. James Mead (Project Manager)
0191 203 4105

2200 Century Way
Thorpe Park
LS15 8ZB
Tel: +44 (0) 113 821 3400

If you require the contact details of any of the Redcar Officials please let us know and we'll happily forward them. Thanks

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