Thursday, 3 October 2013

FRED Exclusive membership club details

Ok here we go! Friends of Redcar FRED is opening the membership website here. YES OF COURSE IT'S FREE (If you're wondering)

Joining is very simple. If you're in the range shown you can join using your postcode to find us. If not or you prefer not to use your address you can use our postcode TS10 3AE. 

Oh the link!! Here it is - Just click on FRED

So what does joining FRED mean? 

Well unlike most other websites FRED offers EXCLUSIVE information that you wont see elsewhere. As a member you'll have access to competitions, events and all our documents, minutes, letters. Here you can also converse through our forum, buy and sell items and generally raise issues and discuss our home, Redcar.

By bringing FRED to it's own home we are providing you with all the details about our group in an easily navigated site. We value blogger and facebook ETC., but there's nothing like having your own exclusive membership club. This is our commitment to you but this is also your way of showing us that you care about Redcar and what we are trying to achieve.

Becoming a member doesn't require any participation from you but it allows you the choice. We'll keep you informed about your community projects and provide you with the knowledge and ability to join in with events or meetings if you wish to do so. Communication really does make things happen and the more voices we have the stronger our messages become.  

Oh and if you are the 100th member to join you'll win yourself a lemon top ice cream from Pacitto's. Can we top that? Yes we can - We'll top that with sprinkles - that's right you get sprinkles too! How can you not join us now?OMG! :D

So what are you waiting for. Join FRED and be a Friend of Redcar now

Any problems joining FRED? Contact us here or on fb/twitter or email