Sunday, 6 October 2013

Friends of Redcar Beach Action Group October 2013

A very mild and sunny day in October and a good reason to get on the beach to collect up more of that masonry left over from the Coastal Defences Regeneration work. 

And the proof is in the pictures. The 3 mounds of rubble displayed in the photos were created in just 2 hours with a handful of people. (Just imagine what could be achieved).

Undoubtedly there is rubble and brick in amongst that collected that has been on our beach for decades. However as I said in my response to the Environmental Agency, who claim no responsibility, if their clean up had been thorough much of the old rubble would have gone with the new debris we have found.

New rubble to big and deep to be removed by hand

Scarlett working hard to dig this rubbish up
 We heard lots of complaints from residents who have said they have written to council members and their MP and are either met with closed replies or no reply at all and that no one is picking up this issue.

We advise residents that the matter lies not with the MP or the council but with the Environment Agency, and we are in contact with our council demanding that the clean up needs revisiting. 

It is the EA who oversaw this project by Birse Coastal and now claim they have no responsibility to the debris left behind (It's washed in and always been there apparently).

We collected and created 3 large mounds of rubble. Well done Scarlett

The concerns are apparent and therefore we ask you to write to your Redcar councillors, Environmental Agency and Ian Swales MP to help us highlight a genuine problem that residents shouldn't have to deal with. Just send the link to our posts and tell them what you think.

Ian Swales MP states that his office responds to all queries regarding beach rubble addressed by constituents. These concerns are passed to the council, into whose remit the management of the Birse contract falls. Ian himself has participated with a beach clean up event by FRED. The council are also concerned that locals feel angered and state they will reply to any complaint. They too are eager to confirm that they work with FREDs beach actions

Before I sign off I'd like to say a big thank you to Denise Thompson and little Alfie McKenna who came to their first litter pick today and worked hard to show residents what we are fighting against. A beach that looks in part like a cleared building site.

Our beach clean ups will be every first Sunday of each month. Next one will be a litter pick on the Stray, meeting at Zetland roundabout at 10am on the 3rd November tide permitting. See you there?

Our next open meeting is 6:30pm at the Palace Hub on the 17th October - tea and coffee provided. Come along it's about your home - Redcar.

Thanks everyone and join our club  (just sign up and look for "Friends of Redcar")