Friday, 15 November 2013

Birse attacks back on Redcar Beach

The gloves are off! Well actually they're on as Birse Civil get into action on Redcar beach. Friends of Redcar (FRED) are pleased to announce that following our plea and voluntary efforts to remove rubble on Redcar beach that the contractor Birse Civil have come back and carried out their own sweep.

Rubble and  material collected by Birse Civil 
Over a couple of days in November, Birse Civil managed to remove tons of rubble that would have taken the community action group much longer.

FRED would like to publicly thank Birse Civil for listening to their concerns that rubble buried during the installation of the new Coastal Defences has been resurfacing due to dissipating sand and movement of the sea. FREDs concern is that the rubble remaining is detrimental to tourism and residents alike who will not use a beach that is dangerous and visually unpleasing.

Carl Quartermain Chairman of Friend said "I am very pleased that common sense has prevailed. I've been in contact with Simon Kirtlan the Project Manager of the Flood Alleviation Scheme in Redcar for Birse and thanked him for his efforts to help our seaside town improve its image. 

"However, the rubble is still horrendous and likely to turn up for years. I did wonder if 'Atonement 2' was about to be made because it looks like a war-zone, particularly around the cinema where the original movie was filmed

"I have requested that Birse come back in the Spring and that we build an event around this which includes Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council (RCBC) and FRED.

"Nobody would employ a contractor into their home and allow them to leave rubbish and debris on their property without permission. My concern is RCBC have done exactly that which isn't in the interest of Redcar's residents and businesses who have to live with the knock-on consequences.

"Less visitors equal less trade, it's that simple. Utilising our own council's maintenance team to clean up over the years, effects our council tax and resources which could be used on other eyesores such as Locke Park, Kirkleatham or any overgrown waste land.

"Residents and businesses who care about their area must get involved. I'd request the council review tendering and land management policies to include independent inspections with resident groups who can oversee unused, demolished or recently constructed ground within their ward and ensure they are managed conscientiously by the landowner, whether private or public, with repercussions for failure. 

"Cleared building sites shouldn't be allowed to remain fenced off, broken up and overgrown for months and even years and action needs to be taken to stop these magnets for fly tipping and anti-social behaviour."

Thanks to Simon Kirtlan of Birse for these picture and for listening to the concerns 

FRED continually campaigns for the removal of masonry on Redcar beach and carries out events to remove litter all year round. If you would like to become involved contact and search on facebook and twitter.