Monday, 24 February 2014

What did FRED do in 2013 and what's next?

Every picture tells a story and this story needs to be loud. What did we do? We showed you this and we created FRED (Friends of Redcar) to deal with it.

What's next? For starters we're back on Sunday for more - 

This year we'll have bigger events linked to our goal to have a clean beach and seafront for residents, businesses and tourism. 

Plus we'll be lobbying local and external authorities to support our complaint regarding the building masonry and materials remaining on our beach from the sea defence work by Birse Civil (now Balfour Beatty Construction UK)

This year we want to be loud and proud and to make a real difference to this culture of sweeping our problem under the sand! Denial is not the solution!

Come and help us raise awareness of the damage this stuff is doing to our tourism and days out. 

We also have an online Street Club that costs nothing to join and requires no obligation. 

Please share our posts and pictures with your community and spread the word. Thank you.