Monday, 30 June 2014

York Potash mine extension and industrial harbour in Teesside

Dear Friends,

Today you should have received a newsletter regarding York Potash plans for a mine extension and an industrial harbour in Teesside.

FRED are requesting the planning application they are submitting and any associated planning documents.

In general terms we would like to know how these extensive developments will impact our coastal areas particularly along Redcar, Marske and Saltburn and we would like information regarding any neighbourhood programmes or schemes they have in place that benefit your neighbours - namely  you the residents.

Being a voluntary community ACTiON group we are very concerned and interested to know about any development to our coastline which may impact on the aesthetics, environment and general cleanliness. 

FREDs number one focus is Redcar beach which has suffered from industrial waste and aesthetic oversights for decades at the cost to local tourism. As you know, along with other forward thinking voluntary groups we are trying to change this around but will always need the support from local businesses to be more conscientious and neighbourly to benefit us all.

As you know we have just successfully campaigned for the clear up of rubble from Redcar Beach following the considerable work carried out by Environmental Agency and Balfour Beatty  (Birse) on the coastal defences. 

During our clean ups we come across many items overlooked by businesses around Hartlepool and Teesmouth. This may be packaging material, building debris or other industrial waste. For example Hartlepool nuclear plant are responsible for the Taprogge filter balls found all along East coastline. 

FRED will continue to campaign for a better seafront more fitting of a seaside town. Join us. We do more than pick litter off the beach. We're bringing back the seaside.