Friday, 11 July 2014

Celebrating the return of our beach in REDCAR

Dear Friends,

On Sunday at 10am Friends of Redcar (FRED) are holding a special celebratory litter/ rubble pick with the council (RCBC) to celebrate the return of the Environment Agency next week who are removing the 'land fill' sites that were left either side of the commercial area on Redcar beach following the Coastal Defence work.

This is a culmination of campaigning, raising awareness, creating a community action group and continually chasing the complaint for 10 months.

The RCBC have graciously agreed to join us in this celebration by accompanying FRED on Sunday with teams and office staff. It's going to be big!!

For a full account of the complaint click here:

More stories can be found on the blog but here is a good visual of what drove us and why it was important to Redcar

Join us because the beach belongs to us all and keeping it clean matters.