Monday, 3 March 2014

Friends of Redcar Beach Action Group March 2014

The place was Redcar Beach, to the left of the Redcar Regent Cinema. Our challenge to build a big "Rubble Sandcastle" out of the building material we could find much of it left behind and buried during the Coastal Defences work last year by Birse Coastal (now Balfour Beatty Construction UK) 

Following our rally call we gathered a hardy bunch of volunteers. Thanks guys you were great as always. We're always so inspired by these local residents who give up their Sunday morning to help their community.

It was a cracking morning and we got straight down to it. Amongst the usual bricks and masonry we also found large boulders of slag from British Steel and high volumes of half buried building felt and material. Unfortunately this stuff we couldn't move.

While we were at it we had a peak around the other side of the cinema too and it was equally as bad. Lots of building material impossible to shift without lifting equipment.

We weren't just there to shift rubble. Through their hard work the volunteers collected around 15 bags of litter.

As the time kicked on our rubble castle grew

And grew

And grew - Not entirely sure what was going on here? Trying to smuggle rubble off the beach? :D

After just an hour and a half we had our "Rubble Sand Castle". Imagine what 50 or 100 volunteers could shift in that time? We can but dream. 

Why not join us next time. On Saturday 5th April we'll be at the Caravan Park end of Majuba working our way down to the bandstand.