Friday, 14 March 2014

Dear Friends of Redcar

Dear Friends of Redcar,

Can YOU help us? 

We want to hold safe events on our beach such as sandcastle competitions, Easter Egg and Treasure Hunts not rubble collection.

We also have the British Land Sailing Championship coming in June. We don't want spectators sat amongst rubble! And we want to attract more entertainment to our greatest asset - the beach.

Below are contacts that may hold answers or assistance and who we've had direct dealings with during our plea to the Environment Agency to bring Birse back with their diggers to clear Redcar beach of their building material. is the Regeneration Operations Director for RCBC is the project manager for the EA is the project manager for Birse Civil liaison officer for RCBC

Can you write to ask them when Birse (Balfour Beatty) are coming back? Can you let them know what you think about the mess left on our beach? And can you share your request and any responses with us?

Here’s an example of a letter you could write. Or you could copy/paste and modify just as easily.

“Dear Sir,

I wish to make a complaint. We are disgusted at the amount of broken masonry and building materials along the stretch of the new Coastal Defences on Redcar beach. We respectfully request that Birse (now Balfour Beatty Construction UK) come back to clean up. This work is necessary and will benefit the local residents, businesses, visitors, tourist and community event organisers coming into Redcar. We understand that Friends of Redcar ( have been in contact throughout and have requested a return by the contractor that has been agreed. Please can you pursue or advise when the return date will be and what action will be taken.”

You could also send this message to these contacts below - the more awareness and strength of feeling the more our community will be represented in the places that matter. We need an elected champion.   Leader of RCBC            MP for Redcar  Candidate for Labour and Co-operative

Relevant councillors :- and (Coatham Ward) and (Zetland Ward)

RCBC, EA, and Balfour Beatty’s complaint process and the quality assurance groups Birse are associated with are below.

(check box for complaint about “the Regeneration Project”)


Operations Manager, North East Area, Environment Agency,  North  East

email: “Considerate Constructor Scheme”
email: “Construction Industry Council”
Will you help?

Can YOU help us love our beach again?

We're considering opening a petition to show our disgust at the state of our beach. Show yours too and perhaps this will prompt our council and the EA to bring back their contractor Birse - (Balfour Beatty) to come back and clean up their mess. Do you think a petition will help?

Will you help Redcar? 

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Thank you,