Tuesday, 4 March 2014



Dear Friends,

Are you a research student?
Are you a person who likes looking into issues and analysing data?
Are you retired and enjoy reading about history or local issues?
Are you knowledgeable and love to share your smarts?
Are you a graphics artist, artist, doodler or someone who loves creating personal art for your facebook pages, blog etc?
Do you enjoy writing?
Do you blog or would you like?
Do you like working with children?
Are you good at presentations?
Have you ever run an event or would like to be part of the organisation of an event?
Are you good at selling, negotiating?
Do you want to meet new people?
Do you enjoy walks and community spirited efforts.
Do you love your local community and want to do something meaningful to reflect this?
Are you fed up of reading these questions? :/

Ok I'll cut to the chase.

We're looking for people who are keen on working on small, medium and large projects that benefits Redcar. This is purely voluntary but very rewarding if you want to become part of a team all fighting for the same thing. A community that cares about their home and delivers - better.

As you know FRED works first and foremost towards a clean beach through our Beach Action Group. However our efforts require much more than litter picks.


- lobby our council and government on local issues
- write letters to organising bodies and authorities
- research issues regarding the seafront, environment, local issues, local history, local politics, local community, industry, business, tourism, fund raising, infrastructure, everything!
- run family orientated events and competitions
- work in and with the schools/ colleges
- market and promote ourselves around the region
- fund raise.

Ok - You get the picture

FRED needs you. We have so many ideas and plans that we have no way of realising OUR potential without YOU. There's no pressure and you can be involved with as much or as little as you think you can do in the area of interest that suits you. We're interested to hear your ideas too.

Whether you're starting out in life and looking for a project or retired and looking for community work to occupy you - Give us a call, email us or come to our next and subsequent meetings.

Really - Friends of Redcar is only as good as the help it gets. We want to be good and for you to be a part of it.

07966985444 ask for Carl
07753374710 ask for Ang
pm us on facebook
Join our StreetClub www.streetclub.co.uk

Our next open community meeting is the 18th March at 6:30pm in Roseberry Library, Redcar. Come and listen and have a chat.

Please share across your own fb, twitter, blog etc., and if you think this may apply to someone you know please pass forward.

Thanks for reading.

Our beach, our town, our home - Redcar