Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Environment Agency return to Redcar with unknown builder?

Dear Friends,

We sent the following email to the Environment Agency this morning and ensured the relevant councillors and RCBC officers were copied in. As yet no reply except we had a call from Stuart Ainsley of RCBC.

Stuart advised us that the builders at the Zetland end are sub-contracted by Balfour Beatty (who left our beach in this state) but that they will show up (we'll let you know).

"Good morning Alan/James,

I'm happy to see your employees turned up at Coatham around 10:15am to begin work with a JCB near the cinema.

I have to say we're disappointed that there is no sign of Balfour Beatty. Are they going to come back too? After all they are a conscientious constructor and the material left behind is from their work and employing another contractor (Addison's) is a cost to the public that was not our intention.

Having watched the two guys from Addison builders for two days it seems this is a waste of public purse particular as they appear very reluctant; are not digging up the bags of rubbish, builders sand, building materials that's buried and have no digging equipment. As you know these heavy objects will always make their way back to the surface. Our volunteers certainly work harder and that service is free.

I'm also disappointed that there has been no effort to contact our group to consult with us since we last met particularly considering the facts that we have had to fight to get this work done, we are the residents using the beach and that we are perhaps best qualified now to show your team where they are required - considering that we are hands on.

I am particularly concerned that the RCBC have "cleaned up" either side of the cinema and because it looks artificially clearer that you wont realise that the material has been buried and that after the winter storms it will all be revealed again. 

It would be nice to work together on this and to be consulted and treated with respect instead of being marginalised (again) and held at a distance because we are just residents with no legitimacy."

We'll keep you posted Redcar.

"Our beach, our town, our home - Redcar"