Wednesday, 16 July 2014

FRED campaign fruitful on Zetland beach

Look what FRED achieved at Zetland through our campaign.

Although Environment Agency didn't dig up the rubbish left by Birse, they did promise to keep coming back after the winter storms. 

Speaking with residents and specialists FRED have to be aware this is an site of special scientific interest (SSSI) that is not commercial but for wildlife to flourish. 

Bearing that in mind look at the photos. Quite satisfied and equally the residents who live there are too. We'll keep revisiting it

Well done EA and FRED volunteers it's looking so much better. Still no sign of Birse Balfour Beatty whose absence is an utter disgrace and we shall be highlighting this everywhere. Instead of coming back they sent a useless subcontractor who did less in two days than FRED volunteers do in two hours. 

Shame on you Balfour Beatty! We will certainly pass on our disgust to our council and hope this has an affect on any other tender bid you put in for the region.

Now we are going to meet with First Choice skips who also want a beautiful beach and L&C skips who are both going to help us resolve the Coatham issue. No more sweeping this under the carpet RCBC. We want the best beach in the North East - together we can achieve it too. :)