Friday, 26 September 2014

Colouring in Redcar

Dear Friends, 

Do you know local artists, mural painters, doodlers in and around Redcar?

We are gathering ideas and planning to sketch out a ​mural to allow Redcar's community to paint the hoardings around the Coatham Bowl and other areas in Redcar to brighten up the much loved seaside town. 

Furthermore as you may already know FRED has requested and gained permission from RCBC to create a seaside postcard mural through a school art competition with the brief, 'to create a welcoming seaside and sunshine picture postcard of the beach with the message  "Welcome to Redcar" and "Please keep our beach tidy"'

Our purpose is to increase tourism and trade, bring awareness to litter and bring the community together to develop a project that encourages local pride. 

The plan is that the design will be the winning entry by a child from one of the secondary schools in Redcar and the unveiling will be the start of an all day beach party.

FRED is currently in negotiations with Topp & Co the wrought iron specialists who created the seaside postcards on Redcar's seafront.

Love Redcar? Let's colour it in!

Contact or 07966 985444 (Carl) for more information.