Sunday, 7 September 2014

FREDs new bibs shine bright on Redcar beach

I'm proud to call Redcar home. It's days like these that make life so rewarding. This morning (Sunday 7th September) we once again had 30+ volunteers give up their free time to clear up the rubbish that is blown or dropped on the beach.

And how we shone in our new bright yellow bibs. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Quick-A-Stitch who donated their services to us. We are now the proud owners of HiViz jackets with the FRED logo on the back.

FRED is very proud that our group members are so diverse and made up of a cross section of the community in all walks of life and of all ages in Redcar. Our youngest member isn't old enough to walk yet and our eldest was born before the New Pavillion (Redcar Regent) was built in 1928.

And what better way for our children to learn the value of their community and the importance of managing waste than enjoying the sessions on the beach. The kids love helping out and their involvement is very inspiring to all of us.

FRED are looking to take litter awareness and community values right into the schools and are currently seeking support to provide presentations, project work and school outings to the beach. Watch this space.


A great team...

...and a clean beach