Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Job Centre - Where is the sense of morals over the community you live in?

I wrote a similar blog about this contemptuous and strategic organisation about 2 years ago regarding this very issue (See link).

However, my gripe about the Job Centre (along with other public organisations) is there is a disengage with the community they live in. 

There has always been the air of attitude of being lorded over by the working class over the working class. These slaves to the rhythm, work in an uninspiring office shaped by the faceless environment controllers on high - and comply to make it miserable for themselves and those who go there.

Last week I popped to the Job Centre with my brother-in-law to check out what he goes through there. I've tasted this place a few times over the years so I wasn't expecting much difference.

The removal of the digital units means there is 4 PCs near the entrance serving all our unemployed. It's all online which is good if all the unemployed have online access. 

Over the years the Job Centre has become nothing much more than the benefit office. It was much better when these two were separately run. Subsequently it became this often sterile, colourless place and pot luck what reception you'd receive. 

Although his appointment was for 9:10am and although the person with no customer service training had nobody at her desk and wasn't doing anything in particular, she kept him waiting until 9:28am. Then proceeded to be ritually cold and condescending.

I went to reception to encourage them to be more community minded by highlighting the lack of "personality" the office has. 

Advertising local voluntary work is community spirited and putting up display boards for groups to advertise their work would be advantageous all round. 

Voluntary work is good for the CV when applying for paid work and extra hands helps the groups.

I wasn't able to speak to the manager; the woman I spoke to was more concerned asking 'why' I wanted to speak to him than hearing  'why' I wanted speak to him.

She not only failed to listen to me twice when I explained but then took down her own completely different version of my message.

And he Peter Clarke failed to get back to me (not the first time I'll add). 

Conclusion - locally the Job Centre fails the community and nationally the Job Centre serves only to reduce the unemployment figures by any means - evidently fair or foul.